Meet the Characters – Robin Vail from The Missing Pieces of Us by Eva Glyn

This week we’re meeting Robin Vail, the protagonist from emotional novel, The Missing Pieces of Us, by Eva Glyn. First, let’s take a look at the gorgeous cover and find out more about the book.


There are three versions of the past – hers, his, and the truth

When Robin Vail walks back into widow Isobel O’Briain’s life decades after he abruptly left it, the dark days since her husband’s unexpected passing finally know light. Robin has fallen on hard times but Izzie and her teenage daughter Claire quickly remind him what it’s like to have family… and hope.

But Robin and Izzie are no longer those twenty-something lovers, and as they grow closer once more the missing pieces of their past weigh heavy. Now, to stop history repeating, Izzie and Robin must face facts and right wrongs… no matter how painful.

The Missing Pieces of Us will be published by One More Chapter as an ebook on 21st July and in paperback on 14th October.

Buy links for all formats can be found here:

Now let’s move onto the interview with Robin:

I meet Robin at the end of January 2007, about six weeks after he first sees Izzie again. He’s an exceptionally tall man with a tidy beard flecked with grey, and the warmest, most expressive eyes I’ve ever seen.

So what happened to make you leave Izzie all those years ago?

My mother died. Simple as that. Except it wasn’t simple… it was the day Izzie first said she cared for me, and I was so happy, just for a blissful hour or so, but the moment I walked into the house I found her. To be honest, it’s hard to talk about even twenty-odd years later.

But if Izzie cared for you, why didn’t she support you?

I didn’t tell her. She was going on holiday the next day and I was in such a mess. After the funeral I packed my rucksack and took myself off to hike along the coastal path in Dorset to get my head straight. The thing was, I kept on going all winter. I never went back.

You were on the road all winter?

Yes. By spring I was in Cornwall and somehow… the change in the weather gave me a foothold. And I was really lucky; I found somewhere to live, work, people who were kind to me. But then the hurricane of ’87 happened and I had to go back.

To check on your house?

No. That was long gone. We lived in a council house, you see. No. I came back because of the faerie tree. Izzie and I… we’d made wishes around it. It sort of… drew me back. And it was right, because I met Jennifer again and my whole life changed.

So there’s been another woman in your life all this time?

Not another Izzie, no, but another mother. Or as close to it as you can ever get. Jennifer was extraordinary; she recognised the hurt in me, took me in. But she was lonely too. Her daughter had totally cut her off after… well, I won’t go into that now. It’s not relevant. But she gave me peace, stability and love. For all those years.

So how did you end up back on the streets?

Let’s just say I don’t cope with death very well. But there was a silver lining, because if all that hadn’t happened I might never have seen Izzie again. I bumped into her – literally – or rather, she bumped into me. And I was so damned ashamed. I must have stunk to high heaven. I prayed she hadn’t recognised me, but all the same I followed her and Claire and watched them in the coffee shop. It was only when she brought me a hot drink as she left I knew she knew, but she just put the cup down and walked away.

But that wasn’t the end of it, was it?

No. Thankfully it was just the beginning.


‘Full of mystery and magic’ best selling author Heidi Swain

‘Wow, just wow. Fans of Amanda Prowse will love this gripping emotional story’ Melanie, Netgalley

It sounds an intriguing read, doesn’t it? You can get a copy of the book here:

Meet Eva


Eva Glyn writes emotional women’s fiction inspired by beautiful places and the stories they hide. She loves to travel, but finds inspiration can strike just as well at home or abroad.

She cut her teeth on just about every kind of writing (radio journalism, advertising copy, PR, and even freelance cricket reporting) before finally completing a full length novel in her forties.

Eva lives in Cornwall, although she considers herself Welsh, and has been lucky enough to have been married to the love of her life for twenty-five years. She also writes as Jane Cable.

Contact Links:
Instagram @evaglynauthor
Facebook @EvaGlynAuthor
Twitter @JaneCable

Thanks for dropping by to talk to us today, Eva. Wishing your book many sales.

Karen King – Writing about the light and dark of relationships.

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  1. I think this is the only book I haven’t read by this amazing author and this interview is intriguing. I actually have it on my Kindle: now to read it. Thanks for this interesting, alternative interview.

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