Friday Reads – Picture Perfect by Jeevani Charika

My featured book this week is the funny and uplifting romcom Picture Perfect by Jeevani Charika. I’ve asked Jeevani to tell us a little about the book and what inspired her to write it. So grab yourself a cuppa, get comfy and let’s get chatting to Jeevani. ☺

Picture Perfect blurb:

Niro is a photographer who’s lost the joy of taking photos. Burned by a bad break-up, she’s in desperate need of inspiration.
Vimal is determined to win back his ex-girlfriend. When he hears she’s bringing her new boyfriend on a group holiday, he impulsively declares that he’s bringing a plus one too.
Their mutual friends have the perfect solution: Niro can pretend to be Vimal’s new girlfriend and join the holiday. Imagine the incredible photographs she could take in the Swiss alps…
She’s not thinking about love. He’s thinking about someone else. Can they fake a picture-perfect relationship – or will real feelings get in the way?

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Welcome to my Friday Reads blog, Jeevani. This is such a fun story, Can you tell us what inspired you to write it?

Thank you for inviting me over, Karen. I’ve always fancied living in a Hobbit hole. To be fair, I sometimes wonder if I am part Hobbit. – I think breakfast is one of the seven most important meals of the day, I’m very short and I am deeply suspicious of adventures that involve leaving the house. But mainly, I like the idea of a house tucked away into the hillside, with a few windows peeping out from the sides. I think it would be quite eco friendly too.You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this… well, when I was noodling around with the idea that eventually became Picture Perfect, I came across a photo of an eco villa in Switzerland called Villa Vals (I don’t have a photo, but here’s a link to the house It’s built into the mountainside and barely visible from the outside. Access is through a tunnel that ends in a garage further down the mountain. It’s beautiful, especially in the winter.

The Hidden Villa in Picture Perfect, where Niro and Vimal go for their strange New Year’s Eve party is heavily based on Villa Vals. Of course, in order to afford to hire such a place, the hosts would have to be very wealthy, so I made Vimal a regular guy (albeit a clever one) who worked for an investment bank. Niro, with the multi coloured hair and general no-nonsense vibe was about as far from glossy posh people as you could get.

Niro is a photographer who has lost her eye for taking pictures. Vimal thinks he’s still in love with his ex and when he gets invited to a New Year’s Eve party, he’s keen to go. But then he needs a plus one. So he asks Niro to be his fake girlfriend for the week. He gets to try and make his ex jealous. She gets to photograph a lovely building in a stunning setting. Everyone’s a winner, right?
I had a ton of fun making up a whole house that was built into the side of the Alps. Sometimes, you find a setting so perfect that you just can’t resist.

I love that house! What a wonderful inspiration story, Jeevani. 🙂

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Jeevani Charika (also known as Rhoda Baxter) writes romantic comfort reads with a dash of fun. Her books have been shortlisted for multiple awards. Jeevani is British-Sri Lankan. She loves all things science geeky. She also loves cake, crochet and playing with Lego. You can find out more about her (and get a free book!) on her website.

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