Friday Reads – Stowaway Bride by Ann Carroll

Welcome to another Friday Reads blog. It’s my pleasure to feature the regency historical romance, Stowaway Bride by multi-published author, Ann Carroll, (aka Ann Evans) who is a good friend of mine. Let’s find out a bit more about the book then have a chat to Ann.


It’s 1817 and baker’s daughter Ruby Baxter has finally met the man of her dreams. After a whirlwind romance, she and Akram, a merchant trader, are sailing to Morocco where they will marry and live. Ruby’s one regret is leaving behind the family she adores.

The voyage is a nightmare. The storms, the food, the facilities all prove unbearable. As for the ship’s captain, Tobias Sutherland, he and Ruby are soon at loggerheads. She finds him arrogant. He finds her beyond foolish for embarking on such a perilous journey with a man she has known such a short time. Yet there’s no denying the underlying attraction that has sparked between Ruby and Captain Sutherland. As for Akram, it’s not long before his true intentions become evident, and Ruby’s dreams are shattered forever. But as her grandmother would say – you’ve made your bed, now you must lie in it.

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Welcome Ann. It’s lovely to talk to you today. Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Delighted to be on your blog, Karen. But actually, I never set out to be a writer, I’d never have thought it possible. I started writing a little fantasy story when I was expecting my first child many moons ago. Although I never finished that story, I enjoyed writing so much I took a correspondence course with The London School of Writing. It became a fabulous hobby whilst bringing up my three children. I would write about anything and everything – fact and fiction alike. Actually, things haven’t changed that much. I still do write on all kinds of topics.

That’s fascinating, Ann. What do you like writing most?

I can get as much pleasure from writing a short article on say, Rupert Bear or Betty Boop, as writing a heart-breaking scene as my character’s love affair hits the rocks. But if I had to choose, I love writing tense, dramatic scenes where my character is facing danger.

Do you have a special place for writing?

I’ve a converted boxroom, turned into a study where I do most of my work. But I also love writing on my laptop in bed, late at night. Also, my son built me a summerhouse a couple of years ago, where I can sit and write while watching the birds in the garden.

Are you a pantster or a plotter?

I think I’m a bit of both. Once I get an idea, I’m raring to start writing. But then a few chapters in and I realise I don’t quite know where things are going. So, then I have to do some serious plotting.

Is your writing ever inspired by your family or real life incidents?

I would say that my books have almost always been inspired by something from real life. It might only be a little spark from real life, but it’s enough to get me started.

Has any author inspired you?

Yes! Firstly Lewis Carroll. As a small child spotting Alice in Wonderland on the library shelf really excited me, as we shared the same surname! Then, as a teenager, James Hadley Chase, a classic thriller writer. About 8 years ago, I was invited to unveil a plaque on the house where he was born, in London. Such a thrill!

I know that you’re a very versatile and prolific author, Ann. What are you writing at the moment?

I always have a few things on the go at any one time. Currently I’m writing a number of articles for magazines I write regularly for. I’m working on a sequel to our thriller The Bitter End (co-written with my photographer pal, Rob Tysall); I’ve got two teen books on the go – one is at the planning stage and the other is at the final edit stage. I’m also making a start on what will hopefully be a cosy crime series.

What inspired you to write these books?

I think it’s just a natural progression from what I’ve written previously rather than inspiration. But I think either I must be a workaholic or a glutton for punishment!

What time of the day do you write best?

First thing in the morning is my best time – I’m probably more creative in the early morning.

What are your hobbies?

Walking my 2-year-old rescue dog, Rusty, is a major part of my day, but I find myself plotting scenes as I’m walking. I also like gardening.

What advice would you give to other writers?

Just keep on persevering until you achieve your goal. I’d also suggest that you try to write in a variety of genres, you might surprise yourself as to what you’re good at writing.

I completely agree with that advice, Ann. 😉Thank you for dropping by to talk to us today. Wishing you lots of success with your book, I hope it flies.

Meet Ann

Brief Author bio.

Ann Evans – who writes under her maiden name of Ann Carroll for romance – caught the writing bug when her children were little. From writing and editing the parish magazine to writing and directing six pantomimes for her children’s primary school, she went on to write short stories, magazine articles and to ‘sneak’ into the Coventry Telegraph via the back door, to become a Feature Writer.  To date she has written around 48 books including picture books, children’s books, YA and reluctant reader books, thrillers and of course romance. She is also a busy feature writer for a number of magazines.

Ann belongs to: The Society of Women Writers and Journalists; The National Association of Writers in Education; The Romantic Novelists Association and the Crime Writers Association.

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