Meet the Characters -Bethan Harley from The House Sitter by Jill Barry.

I’m delighted to welcome author Jill Barry to my blog today. Jill is interviewing Bethan Harley from her latest novel, The House Sitter.

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When Suzanne and Eddie decide to put their house on the market and move closer to their daughter, they neglect to tell their friend and house sitter Ruth. When Ruth finds a ‘For Sale’ sign outside their house, she is outraged. She never imagined they would ever leave. What follows is a series of events that are set to ruin the couple’s plans – with dramatic and shocking consequences that no one could have predicted…


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Now over to Jill’s interview with Bethan. Bethan is the Sales Negotiator in charge of selling The Sugar House for Eddie and Susan Deacon.

Bethan, what qualifies you to answer my questions?

I’ll try to remain professional here and say my contact with Mr and Mrs Deacon extended to dealing with their friend and near neighbour, Ruth Morgan, especially while they went away and left her in charge.

OK. Everyone seems to think the Deacons’ house sitter is evil, creepy and manipulative. Do you agree with this rather cruel description?

Sadly, I do. Ms Morgan obviously took a dislike to me and this didn’t help during the time I was involved with marketing and selling the Deacon’s house.

What made her create obstacles for you?

Huh! Obstacles don’t come close to describing the devious tricks she produced.

Why is Ruth Morgan so anxious to stop her friends from moving away?

The woman has inveigled herself into their lives, almost to a point where she considers herself as indispensable. She goes to great lengths not to be found out and while she’s plotting, is still pretending to be their friend, in particular playing mind tricks with Suzanne. Ms Morgan enjoys the good things of life and having the Deacons around ensures she can sponge off them.

Wow, that’s harsh! But you were determined she wouldn’t succeed, weren’t you?

I hate bullies. And I couldn’t stand by and let her walk all over Eddie and Suzanne.

Why do you think Ray Kirby was so keen to buy The Sugar House?

I think he’d reached a point where he wanted to lead a quieter life. Three Roads is a remote village and wouldn’t suit everyone, despite its fantastic setting. Mr Kirby’s a high-flying loner with the money to make an already luxurious house into a desirable and lavish country retreat.

Forgive me, Bethan, but as you became very friendly with him, could this have made you all the more determined to help him achieve his wish and settle in mid-Wales?

I sell houses for a living. Ray was my most likely prospect.

But you can’t deny you were on the verge of falling in love with him?

(Hesitation) I’m still married to Tim.

Could you answer my question please?

With respect, your question has nothing to do with the situation involving The Sugar House, but I had to take Mr Kirby into my confidence and this led to emails, texts, the occasional meeting…

You spotted something one day which clarified something regarding Ms Morgan, didn’t it, Bethan? You look rather pleased about it, if you don’t mind my saying so.

Yes, my discovery satisfied me my suspicions were correct.

Intrigued? Here are what readers are saying:

A powerful, psychological chiller to keep you turning the pages…

What Barry does best is to allow the reader to laugh at the ridiculous in her characters as well as to make them care, even perhaps slightly for the unbalanced Ruth, who appears lonely and vulnerable

If, like me, you’re hooked and want to read The House Sitter, you can buy the book here:


Meet Jill


Author bio

Jobs like hotel reception and cabin crew have provided magic moments and helped inspire my writing. Since settling back in Wales, I’ve joined writers’ groups, gained my MA degree in Creative Writing, also tutored and mentored adults and high school students. I hope to continue entertaining my readers and to walk, read and bake, plus keep up with the most varied mix of friends anyone could wish for.


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Twitter: @barry_jill


Thanks for dropping by to tell us about your book, Jill.

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