Meet the Characters – Daniel Laither from An Uncomplicated Man by Colette McCormick

This week I’ve invited fiction author Colette McCormick over to the blog today. Colette is interviewing Daniel Laither, the protagonist from her contemporary romance novel, An Uncomplicated Man.

Let’s find out a bit more about the book.




What if the man in your life isn’t who he says he is?

Daniel Laither is a mild-mannered and uncomplicated bank manager, but when his boss asks him for a favour, things begin to get tangled. Introduced to businessman Arthur Braithwaite, Daniel reluctantly agrees to a financial arrangement that will create an unbreakable link between them.

When Daniel meets Lucy, Braithwaite’s daughter, he becomes a man obsessed. From the steamy afternoons spent together in hotel rooms, to evenings out with Lucy in fancy restaurants, Daniel’s life moves a million miles from the one he’d had.

He finds himself lying to his friends, his colleagues and, most importantly, his wife. He borrows money from a loan shark to afford this double life, but when the debt demands to be paid, he contemplates stealing from the bank. When Lucy falls pregnant and Braithwaite insists upon a marriage, Daniel has to choose between his two lives…

Readers love Colette McCormick…

‘Quite simply a brilliant read’ Amazon reader review

Extremely compelling’ Amazon reader review

‘As comforting as chicken broth on a cold afternoon’ Amazon reader review

Review of An Uncomplicated Man

“…engaging and interesting from first to last page. Heartily recommended.” 5-star Amazon reader review

You can get the book here:

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Now I’m passing you over to Colette, who is ready to interview Daniel.

Thank you, Karen.

Why do you have such a problem with being called Danny?

I don’t have a problem; I just like people to use my given name. My birth certificate says Daniel and so that’s what people should call me. I don’t understand people’s obsession with shortening names. It’s as simple as that. It’s what my mum called me.

 Do you blame yourself for what happened?

Obviously, I should have behaved differently so I am partly to blame. That said, I don’t think that any of us were innocent. I include Isobel in that statement.

Did you love Lucy?

Who wouldn’t love Lucy? She’s a young, pretty, rich nymphomaniac. No seriously, I needed her. I couldn’t get enough of her. She was like a drug that I was addicted to. If that’s the definition of love then yes, I loved Lucy.

What are your thoughts on Arthur Braithwaite?

I hate him. None of this would have happened without him. He’s a user. He used me and to be honest, he used Lucy. Not that she’d ever admit that because she adores him. She can’t see him for what he is which is a flash bloke who will use anyone and do anything to get what he wants.

Could you ever have imagined that things would turn out the way that they did?

Never in a million years. I am not the person that I became. Before this, the most exciting thing that I’d ever done was…well nothing. I’m not an exciting kind of man. Isobel described me as uncomplicated but for that I think you could read boring.

I’m honest, I’m steady and I’m reliable or at least I used to be. Now I don’t know. I don’t recognise myself sometimes.

Are you sorry?

Of course I am although some might say that I’m only sorry that I got caught out.  That’s not the case at all though, I am very sorry for the hurt that I’ve caused to those that trusted me. They deserved better.

What does the future hold for you?

A change of career for a start. After that who knows? I have a lot of bridges to try and rebuild but I fear some of them may be beyond repair.

Intrigued? Want to find out more? You can buy the book here:

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Meet Colette

Colette blue

Originally a city girl, Colette has made her home in a one of the many former mining villages in County Durham. When not working as a retail manager for a large children’s charity she will more than likely be writing, even if it’s only a shopping list. She also enjoys cooking, gardening and taking the dog on long walks in the countryside near her home. She has been married for almost forty years and has two grown up sons.

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Lovely to talk to you and Daniel, Colette. I hope your book flies off the shelves!

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