My Path to Publication – Susan Willis

My guest today is author Susan Willis. Can you tell us how you achieved your dream of becoming a published author, Susan?


I was a late starter when it comes to writing although I’ve read books all my life. However, it wasn’t until I was thirty-seven, and following a home-study writing course, that I found my love of writing.

I started writing short stories and submitted a foodie-love story called, Lamb in a Pot, to an American magazine who loved the story and published it. I remember dancing around my desk waving a cheque for $200!

A digital publisher, Endeavour Press, took a chance on my first novel, called, Yes Chef, No Chef, and asked me to write more novella’s, which I did, followed by another two novels.

This year I have concentrated upon writing a collection of ten short reads. They are tales of love & family relationships. These stories are the type you will find in women’s magazines and range from 1,000 to 3,500 words each. I have uploaded the collection onto amazon in eBook format  but would love to find a publisher for a paperback too. Any suggestions will be gratefully received?

I think this 24,000-word set of stories would be great near magazine / newspaper stands in train station newsagents, i.e. Smiths, for women looking for a short read on their journeys. Most magazines do not contain stories now, or if so, one at the most and I think this would be a lucrative market to launch into?

Here is a taster of my tales about love & family:

From Angela arranging to meet her hubby at The Eiffel Tower, to Paul trying to win his ex-wife back with a Romantic Picnic, I’m sure you’ll enjoy these short reads. Find Annette in A Charity Shop discovering a locket and June struggling to understand Her New Daughter-in-law. Carol has a spooky cat, called, Cordelia and a witch’s hat but will it stop Him Getting Married Today? Two Christmas stories find Ellen making A Christmas Album for her sister, and Marian rescuing The Christmas Angel.

There’s a love or family story for everyone here…

To satisfy my love of reading crime novels, in June I went gaily off to Harrogate Crime Festival and while I was there my mind buzzed with ideas for Cozy Mystery Short Reads.

Arriving home, I wrote my first story and included poor mental health into a kidnap scenario. This story is a longer length of 11,000 words and is now on amazon as eBook format, called, An Author is Missing.

I’m now working on my other ideas which include, the perils of social media, and an imposter on skype.

I’m nearly finished the second story called, Megan is on Instagram, and hope to collect three or four together for a Cozy-Crime selection later in the year.


Susan is a published author of four novels, and five novellas and lives in the North East of England surrounded by a big family and friends. She is now semi-retired and only works through the winter months to enjoy all summer at home to write.

Contact links


Twitter @SusanWillis69

Instagram: susansuspenseaut

Here are some of Susan’s books



Drop by next week to read another Path to Publication story. 

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