What Kind of Book Should You Write?




It’s often said that there’s a book in everyone, and I think this is true – but it might not be the book you’re trying to write! When most people think of writing a book they think of a novel, a fictional story. And when they struggle with writing it they start to think that they can’t write, that they’ll never be a writer and get really disheartened.  When I see this happening to my students I always suggest they step back a bit and ask themselves if this is the book they should be writing.

You’ve only got to take a look in your local bookstore to see how many different kind of books there are. Books aren’t just story books, there’s educational books that teach you things, craft books that show you how to make things, poetry books, games books, you name it and there’s probably a book for it.

Over the years I’ve written all sorts of children’s books; joke books, activity books, puzzle and plays as well as picture books and story books. For adults I’ve written  romance novels, writing courses, a ‘how to  write children’s fiction book’ and short stories. I’ve written poems and comic strips too. Some of these things I’ve found easier than others. So if you’re feeling a bit disheartened with your writing maybe you should try your hand at something different. Maybe you’re struggling because you’re writing the wrong sort of book for you.                                        

If you’re not sure what sort of book to write then think about what you like to read. Do you like books that scare you? Make you laugh? Stories about people like you? Do you like poetry or plays? Quizzes or amazing facts? If you like reading about something chances are that you’ll enjoy writing about it too. So why not have a go at writing something different? You might even enjoy it!

Get Writing!


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